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Re: Martian Meteorite

>>"Now why there are more 'Mars' meteorites than Moon

>I was under the impression that there were 12 confirmed SNCs and 13
>confirmed lunar meteorites (including Del al Gani 262).  With another season
>in Antarctica, the numbers may have changed again.

That is correct.  There are currently more Moon meteorites than there are
Mars meteorites.  I think the intent in the original post was to point
out there should be significently more lunar meteorites than Mars meteorites, 
which is true.  However, I don't think you can make any statistically 
significent conclusions until the sample sizes are much bigger than 12 or 13.

I personally believe there are more Mars and lunar meteorites around
in existing collections that have not been identified as such yet.  Witness
ALH84001, that was initially misidentified as a diogenite.  

Ron Baalke

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