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Re: Martian Contamination

Could it be possible the bateria came from inside the "supposed" sterile
bag? Or possibly from the gloves of the astronauts?

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	On April 20, 1967, Surveyor III landed on the Moon.  On November 20, 1969,
Apollo 12 landed 300 feet away from it.  The crew of Apollo 12 removed the
camera from Surveyor III and placed it in a sterile bag for return to Earth.
Upon return to Earth it was discovered that the camera was contaminated with a
species of Streptococcus mitis bacteria.  These "earthlings" had survived for
two and a half years in a vacuum with temperatures ranging from 101 to -181
degrees Celsius.  In addition the bacteria was exposed to cosmic ray
	Who can say for sure what conditions any extraterrestrial life can survive
in.  I think that it is best to assume that if something can survive anywhere
in the universe that it can survive on Earth.


Peter Scherff

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