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Re: Ice meteorite?

At 21:27 21-07-98 -0300, Wilton Carvalho wrote:

>There is a well documented ice fall in Brazil last year. July 11 and July 14.
>Anyone may download a preliminary report with photos made by researchers
>from Universidade de Campinas, a well known Brazilian university.
>Here is the address: http://www.cpa.unicamp.br/gelo/gelo.html

Hello Wilton and list,

Unfortunately (for me) the text of this report is in Portuguese. I looked
around elsewhere on the unicamp site and didn't find an English translation
or summary there. I think I managed to decode enough of it to make out that
there are several reasons to believe that the ice is probably NOT from an
airplane. Is there someone on the list who could provide a very brief
summary in English of this report?

I did happen to find a photo of the ice -- which oddly enough wasn't linked
in the report -- at this URL: 


Best wishes to all from summery Amsterdam,

Piper R.W. Hollier

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