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Re: Cosmic butter? =: O

>  A foul-smelling substance, the consistency of butter, fell over large
> areas of southern Ireland in the winter and spring of 1696.  According to
> the Bishop of Cloyne, this "stinking dew" fell in "lumps, often as big as
> the end of one's finger"; it was

This is known as Pwdre Ser, or 'Rot of the Stars'. It still falls,
(there were two events on the West Coast in the last few years) and it
tends to evaporate. Most accounts of pwdre ser are mistaken: somebody
sees a fireball, assumes it fell in a field, and they find a slime. (You
know, those green blobs that grow in wet fields.) The last time that
happened in the United States, they assumed that the green blobs were
jellyfish blown up by the Navy!

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