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Monahans garbage

I must protest what I read in the article about Monahans. Steve Arnold
Says that "not one of the people making the biggest stink has contacted
me directly" and " most of them don't have two nickels to rub together
and bid in the auction.".
Well Steve, this is certainly not true. I did indeed contact you through
about 50 emails or so did I not? This was well before the interview for
this article so it appears that you have made a mistake in your
statement. I am certainly one of the people making the stink as you call
it. If anyone else is making a bigger one please let me know. You also
say that most of us don't have any money to bid anyway. This is quite an
arrogant statement and one taken with extreme resentment on my part. How
dare you say that we don't have the money as if you have the slightest
idea of what money I or anyone else has in their bank accounts. I think
this statement is the most rude and unwarranted thing I have yet read.
Steve, you should not underestimate anyone by appearances. I have met
the owner of Tyson Foods in Little rock Arkansas several times. He
dresses like the farmer that he is, with old overalls and a straw hat
and he often drives an old pickup. Do you know Steve, that this man is
personally worth over ONE BILLION DOLLARS! That is billion with a
capital B! I think you might be surprised that many of the list members
and people who you say don't have "two nickels to rub together"  can
actually come up with plenty to spend if the item warrants the price
(which Monahans doesn't).  I think those of us who are making the waves
for you and Casper and the auction in general can find plenty of other
places for our money, whatever  small amount it might be.  I will not be
bidding on Monahans even though I now have the money to outbid the
$20,000 opening bid, ill just take my 400,000 nickels and go out and buy
a new car. A bad investment in general but at least I get to have fun
with it. Monahans will likely sit around and sell slowly due to the
incredible lunacy surrounding this so called "auction"  if that is what
it really is.
Is there anyone  out there who made waves who tells Steve Arnold what is
in their bank accounts? If so then maybe I am mistaken and your
information is correct.

Mike Farmer

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