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Re: halite in Monahans

In a message dated 98-07-24 00:54:33 EDT, you write:

 Actually, it is more accurate to say we haven't been looking very
 carefully for halite salt crystals in common chondrites. >> 

  Ron,  really?  This suprizes me quite a lot.  Are you saying that the
scientists that have worked on theses meteorites have been "lax" in thier
responcability to do a thorogh exam of the meteorites they investigate?  I
dont think thats a valid argument,  and Im sure a few meteoritic scientists
will agree with me on this . 

And the idea that Monahans  is unique only in it's quick recovery is not true
either, as Im sure there is quite an extensive list of witnessed falls the
have not been rained on before recovery.    

<< Salt crystals  has been found in other meteorites, so Monahans is not
unique in that
 respect. >>

Ok Ron,  and anyone else on the list that might have knowlage of this,
please tell me the names of these meteorites that have halite,  besides
Murchison,  which is a C2.

Geoff Cintron

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