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Michael Blood's Microscopes

Hello list, on a lighter note I want to publicly thank Michael Blood for
providing me with a new Russian microscope.
I just got it a few hours ago, set it up (I don't even know if I did it
right but it sure works well!).  I did a trade with him for a scope and
I am so happy with it after only 1 hour of looking at the new Portales
and other meteorites that I decided to post this telling the list
members what you are missing if you don't have one. It has opened a
whole new world for me to be able to see the smaller parts of the
meteorites. (you don't need thin sections, you can look at slices or
large specimens the same.  I was thrilled to see the surface of my
Portales 342 gram piece I found. the flow lines look like virtual rivers
under the scope.  If you have the means to buy one, I think they are an
incredible investment  (to tell you the truth, I was /never interested
in one until the idea came up in the trade and I went for it:) and will
open up a new avenue for seeing your specimens and force you to pull
them out and look at all of them again!
Once again, Thanks, Michael Blood for forcing me to waste the rest of my
day looking at little rocks from space!
Michael Farmer

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