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Re: Mossbauer spectroscopy?

Jim Hurley schrieb:

> Can someone please describe what this is?
> I've seen it mentioned a lot in the MetSoc98 abstracts...

A very rudimentary description from a non-scientist:

With the help of Mössbauer spectroscopy you can distinguish between
different combining energies or valences of a chemical element in a
mineral or a crystal. R.L. Mössbauer was the first to describe the
experimental procedure in 1958. Mössbauer spectroscopy allows you for
example to determine the standard distribution of Fe in different
positions of the crystal lattice and to differentiate between Fe2+ and
Fe3+. The results can be used to analyse the spectrum of meteoritic
olivine (and thus determine, for example, the Fa-values: Fa18, Fa20),

Perhaps someone else can further clarify or correct my description.


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