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Re: Tektites

In message <01BDB981.72D7B1A0@host5-99-49-226.btinternet.com> you wrote:

> Can anyone out there supply 5000 small tektites.
> They do need to be small, 1-2cm.
> They DO NOT have to be complete, the common black chipped indochinites will be ideal.
> They do need to be cheap.
> If you can't help, do you know of anyone who may be able to.
> Simon Heatly.
> P.S.- Yes, I do need 5000 ( five thousand ) !!!

This is also for Elizabeth (H. K.) I tried replying to your email, but it was
bounced back.

There is a shop I vistited in Bangkok "House of Gems" at 1218 New Road,
near the GPO, at its juntion with Suriwong Road. 

They have several boxes, each about 60x30x30cm, each filled up with tektites
of various sizes. Literally hundreds and hundreds, but I don't know about 

I do not have any telephone number/FAX, or name of the owner.

Eric Hutton

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