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Re: On The Lighter Side :-)

Dear Walter,

Sorry, but we can't take credit for the page. 
The link was e-mailed to us by the page's webmaster.

Paul & Jim

At 11:29 PM 7/27/98 EDT, you wrote:
>> Everything you've always wanted to know about Peekskill
>>  but were afraid to ask...
>>  http://www.nais.com/~thack
>Hello Paul, Jim and List Members:
>Now, THAT took ingenuity, perserverence, determination, scientific acumen and
>two guys with obviously a lot of time on their hands!
>I think you should submit a formal paper for peer review to Science (or at
>least My Weekly Reader).
>However from a purely skeptical point-of-view, don't you feel the license
>plate thing is stretching it a bit?
>I loved it!  Thanks ;-).

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