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Craters On The Earth

Hi All,

I just wanted to share my experiences with you from my last weekend. I attended 
the ALCON 98 (Astronomical League Convention) in which Story Musgrave one of 
the astronauts who worked on the Hubble repair was a keynote speaker.

Early on Saturday morning before activities started, Story was out in the 
vendors area looking around and made his way to my set up. He shared with me 
his effort to look for craters on the Earth when his spare time permitted on 
the space shuttle. It sounded like it was difficult thing to do as they have 
other items that have to be done and looking and logging down the information 
as to where the crater might be is time consuming. Apparently he and Eugene 
Shoemaker had been working on this unofficially and many of Eugene's trips 
might have been made in Australia to check out such features before his 
untimely death.

I found Story a very charming, intelligent man but very humble. He found the 
Gibeon meteorites I had for sale very interesting and he seem to like the spot 
in which they were found (Namibia). After talking to him I asked for an 
autograph and while he was signing a photo of himself I wrapped up a Gibeon 
slice for him and presented it to him which he seem quite pleased about.

Of course with the Hubble working so well after this repair many new things 
about the asteroids will be discovered and many other items of a meteoritical 
nature will also be solved. Along with this many new questions will have to be 
asked and solved.


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