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Re: meteorites, gene pools, and "throat chakras"


The full title of this did not show up in my split screen until I got it
back on the list.  My chakras are fine.  I am hereby exercising restraint
and going to pass on this one.
Sorry for the intrusion confusion.

Best Regards,
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From: Sharkkb8@aol.com <Sharkkb8@aol.com>
To: meteorite-list@meteoritecentral.com
Date: Tuesday, May 25, 1999 4:31 AM
Subject: meteorites, gene pools, and "throat chakras"

|Those of us who love and collect meteorites may not be fully appreciating
|our li'l puppies.   I present this description of a meteorite offered on
|ebay:     (Item #105969865)
|<< It is said that this particular substance has the capacity to stimulate
|communication within the gene pool of extraterrestrial advancements made
|within the genetic structure of mankind. and that the Meteorite is used for
|the pure enhancement of consciousness and increase of cosmic awareness. It
|said that meteoritic material aligns the mental, emotional, etheric and
|astral bodies. Brow and throat chakras may be stimulated by the meteoritic
|qualities. Mostly, it is thought to increase the possiblility of telepathic
|communications near and far. >>
|Hey, I don't write 'em, folks, I just cut-and-paste....     (Can anyone
|fluent in the above language translate for those of us who speak English?)
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