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Re: Asteroid resonance - Reuter's

Dear Ron and List,

While we all appreciate your charming 'enlightening' statement below:-), it
does not answer the questions raised.  Perhaps when you have more time, you
might like to review the Reuter's article and see how, according to the
article, the weaker resonances of
Earth and Mars have recently been discovered to be a key factor in removing
asteroids from the asteroid belt and bringing them into near Earth orbit
(and near Mars orbit)- not the larger Jupiter, as once believed.  Again,
this is how the article reads.  Is this correct?  Whenever you have

Best Regards,
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From: Ron Baalke <BAALKE@kelvin.jpl.nasa.gov>
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Date: Tuesday, May 25, 1999 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: Asteroid resonance - Reuter's

|>Obviously, Mars and Earth are not bumping asteroids out of the asteroid
|>belt. (using gravity as Jupiter is.) The latter resonance refers to the
|>gravity of the two planets pulling
|>asteroids inward.  What is the distinction between gravity and resonance
|>with regard to the 'weaker' gravity of these two planets?
|Mars and Earth are much smaller planets than Jupiter, and their gravity
|are not as noticeable.  Or to put it another way, the effects of Jupiter's
|gravity are so much greater that they overwhelm any of the gravity effects
|from the smaller planets.  Jupiter's mass is more than all of the other
|eight planets combined.
|Ron Baalke
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