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Re: Asteroid resonance

Hello Ron, Bernd and List,

Thank you all for your time and patience.

Upon reviewing the info presented by Ron and Bernd, I can only conclude that
the original article in question is a very poorly written  - sorry to
whomever the author is - and as I stated at the outset, it presents more
questions than it answers.  I think that it was the writer's manner of
presenting the information that left a wide 'gap':-) for interpretation.  It
is possible and probable that he was referring to the weaker resonances of
Jupiter itself vs. the stronger resonances of same.

The definition of orbital resonance seems to have to do with orbits whose
period of orbit is an exact fraction(e.g.1/2, 2/5, 1/3 ) of a longer period
of orbit. (Jupiter's is 11.9 years)

Accordingly, with regard to Jupiter, "the extent to which the asteroid
orbits are
controlled by Jupiter is most
clearly demonstrated by the irregularities or gaps in the frequency of
their periods. The most conspicuous gaps occur at 5.95, 4.76, and 3.97
years -- EXACTLY one-half, two-fifths, and one-third the 11.9 year period
of Jupiter. Other depressions mark orbits whose periods are one-fourth,
one-fifth, three-fifths, and three-sevenths Jupiter's. "  Quote by an

The writer of the article, on the other hand, clearly confused (what?:-) the
issue by using a totally bogus,
hypothetical example of an asteroid in a 2:1 ratio with Earth.  I think we
should string him up for introducing an Earth/asteroid example and
switching back to Jupiter/asteroid with no notice.

And now that the technicalities have been resolved somewhat, I can see alot
of room for questions.  Anyone?  I plan to save mine for a rainy day:-)

Best Regards,

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