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Re: Overnight Fireball in Connecticut

Dean quoting someone else>>You won't believe it but on my way home in 
Connecticut tonight about 10PM 
EDT, I happened to be exactly placed to watch a Bolide enter the atmosphere 
heading almost ENE.  It was a brilliant yellow ball the size of a BB to a 
pea held at arms length and was breaking apart. Several large pieces slued 
off. It looked like it was coming straight down and must have landed within 
50 miles of me! I drove towards the event, but it was dark and the impact 
point was not readily visible from the road. (I was hoping it would have 
made a crater in
the land between the North and south lanes...I had it all planned out.  I'd 
tell everyone it was probably radioactive and ask them to move out of the 
area (so I could search for it myself). <<

One of the key things to note here was the appearance that it was "coming 
straight down". Adding a little to his words that probably helped gave this 
appearance to the witness, if a meteorite was dropped, I'd start looking a 
lot further than 50 miles away. Probably at least 100 miles and depending 
upon how low to the horizon it appeared, perhaps at least 200 miles? If you 
or anyone else didn't report hearing any sonic booms or distant rumbling 
sounds, hopes for finding any meteorites most likely are very slim.

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