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Re: Fw: Ball lightning....a confession

In a message dated 08/10/99 00:42:46 GMT, you write:

<< Thank you, Rob...... and, wake up Ryan!  This is soooo typical!  "I have
 never seen it, so logically therefore,...it doesn't exist."  Right?  Well, I
 have never seen Cleopatra....and I cannot reproduce her in a lab!  She too,
 I'm told was quite rare!  Can you prove her? >>

Thanks for the kind words Bruce, but I think you've mixed me up with Ryan. 
I'm being the sceptic in this one.....too many years studying electronics 
professionally and the effects of lightning as a pastime has turned me into a 
"doubter". I'm not saying that it doesn't exist, just that there is no basis 
for it to exist :-)


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