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First Gold Basin hunt of the season

Hi All 

The first hunt of the season produced lots of meteorite finds and 10
nuggets !! While the day time temperatures were near the century mark the
night temps were in the comfortable 80's (if your a reptile) :o) ?? Johnny
Quesidilla Gwilliams , Billy goat George Volker , Pipe Smoken John Hodan ,
Davy Holbrook Fame Andrews, Bob the nugget man Boor and I logged over 70
meteorite finds . The finds ranged in size from a peanut to 200 grams . The
newbie to the field Dave Andrews produced some nice honkers !!             
                  The reptile life is still very active and a couple of
snakes were encountered . One was a beautiful baby kingsnake that was
hanging around camp .The other was a snoozing three foot diamond back that
never did rattle that George did a tap dance around . Both survived the
encounter without injury !!
The cruisine was second to none prepared by George, Dave and Johnny G .
Some of the fixings were quesidillas , hamburgers , steaks,  green chile ?
and shrimp gumbo?  Master chef George prepared wonderful breakfasts of
bacon , sausage , waffles ,toast ,bisquets, gravy and eggs . 
After dinner we were treated to lots of shooting stars and Dave showed us
the andromida galexy (sp?) and the moons of jupiter with his hundred pound
binoculars . The evening hour chats are my favorite times when we all swap
stories and just bs and plan our next day . 
I had a great time and am looking forward to the next hunt , now I have to
get busy and loose the weight I gained on this trip . Thanks for the great
time and food guys I loved every minute of it !!

John goldmaster Blennert 

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