[meteorite-list] RE: NWA & Saharan meteorites

From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
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Hi Matt & Ron,
        I think we can all agree that the common, highly weathered, small
fragments that look like someone took a pick to a hardpan cliff hold
little interest. Even they, however, if cheap enough, can be used to
give to wide eyed kids - a "freebe" first stone meteorite. They are,
after all, meteorites - just VERY dull and uninteresting to
usexperienced and "sophisticated" (read jaded) individuals.
        However, for me to spend $150/kg for a pile of that stuff
would require it be available in 100 or 200g lots, as I certainly
would have no interest in sinking $150 (or is there a 5 or 10 KG
"minimum"?) into a pile of "scrap." Don't run into THAT many
kids....They make the worst of the Gold Basin material look
"fascinating" in comparison. Still, they would be nice "givaways" & I
would certainly put up with "some" to get the material Ron wrote about,
but, that would require going to NWA & all the shots & $ that would
        With my luck, every nomad would tell me, "Gee, last week we sold 14
camel packs of different kinds to some other crazy Europeans & Americans
- some were black as the night & others looked like half a ball, with
little lines comming off the center and.....Of course we had to charge
them $20 per kilo for the black ones...."
        Sorta like, "This morning the surf was 8 feet and PERFECT form!" or
"Man, an hour ago the fish were bitin' like you wouldn't believe!" Of
course, they would have plenty that looked like it came out of a wheel
barrow at a demolition site. "These are only
$10 per kilo!" Yippie.
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