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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:03 2004
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Dear all,

Thanks to Charlie, Bernd and Eric for their comments about slickenside.

Please find here a bad scan 64 Kb of a slicenside in Zag. I have others but
not on photos.

Shall I say that a slickenside is made by tectonic friction inside the
parent body.

Best wishes.


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> <Charlie wrote: What I would like to know is if this slickenside formed
> during a tectonic event on the parent body, an impact event in space,
> explosive breakup in earth's atmosphere, or other?>
> Slickensides are formed by tectonic events. They are formed when opposite
> sides of rock faults move in different directions. The extreme pressure
> generates frictional heat as the rock faces are forced past each other
> partially melting a thin veneer of rock at the interface. This results in
> smoothing of rough edges and a polished looking surface. Harder
> gouge grooves in the opposite rock as it slides by.
> They would not be formed by explosive breakup in the earth's atmosphere.
> such a breakup pieces would be flying apart from each other whereas in
> slickensides the opposite is happening the rock faces are being forced
> against each other.
> They could possibly be formed by an impact event in space, not by the
> explosive part of the impact, but by tectonic reactions along faults
> or after the impact.
> <Bernd wrote: ... and some meteorites that are reported to exhibit
> slickensides:>
> I have a piece of Mocs which shows good slickensides. There is a photo at
> the following URL. It is not a great photo, but you can see the grooves
> that some parts are more reflective (polished) than others. Another
> meteorite that exhibits slickensides is Gobabeb.
> http://www.geocities.com/starbits.geo/photo/slickensides.JPG
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