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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:52:09 2004
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<P><TT>&gt;Many for the NWA put the provisional NWA XXX 012 example, for no born &gt;confusion, I have waith 3 months for have the official numbers, and &gt;in this time I have put my provisional numbers for sale the pieces.<BR>&gt;regards<BR>&gt;Matteo</TT></P>
<P><TT>Yes, i have had the same problem. it seems that for collectors and dealers anyway the meteoriteical society has for all practical purposes closed up shop and shut down operations. i have waited months and have begun selling meteorites even without a provisional number after waiting months to get one. sometimes i get a number after a week. sometimes one day, sometimes a month, sometimes never. its very frustrating and is costing me money by not being able to sell meteorites. in one case i got a classification even before i got a provisional name.&nbsp;and we all know how hard it is to get something classified. </TT></P>
<P><TT>I cant operate like this and </TT><TT>my own personal solution to this problem is that when i get back selling meteorites again in about 3 weeks i plan on creating my own numbering system using the name MoroccoXXX. This way i can quickly bring my meteorites to market rather than wait for months so that i can get a name to sell it with. i will probably try to get a second NWA name for anything that i get classified but i can rarely get stuff classified anyway and dont bother trying anymore for the most part.</TT></P>
<P><TT>i will let everybody know the url to my database once i get it going - likely around mid september.</TT></P>
<P><TT><A href="http://www.meteoriteshop.com">www.meteoriteshop.com</A></TT></P>
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