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From: Mark Miconi <mam602_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:52:12 2004
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If you used PayPal to pay this auction, you can dispute the payment with
PayPal and they will return your money.
Go to the HELP section of PayPal, and click on "Protection Policies" and
then click on "Buyers Complaint Process".
There you will find this information:

Protection Policies

 What is the Buyer Complaint Process?

 PayPal's Buyer Complaint Process helps protect PayPal members when a
merchant does not deliver goods as promised. If you have been unable to
resolve a dispute with a seller, you may file a Buyer Complaint Form (go to
the Security Center link in the footer of any PayPal page) to initiate an
investigation. PayPal will investigate your complaint and attempt to recover
any funds you are owed. You will be entitled to the return of any funds
PayPal is able to collect on your behalf. However, fund recovery is not

Additionally, buyers who qualify for eBay's insurance policy (currently
limited to $200) may recover up to an additional $200 of protection from
PayPal if their purchase was made from a verified PayPal seller.

Please review the Consumer Protection Programs section of our User Agreement
to learn the specific terms and conditions of the Buyer Complaint Process.

I would hit this guy where he lives. If you paid by a check or money order I
would IMMEDIATELY stop payment, which you can do even after a check or money
order has been paid. If you used a credit card I would call them IMMEDIATELY
and dispute the charges. Most credit cards have a buyer protection program
and if they do not then contact them and explain the situation, technically
what the seller has done borderlines Fraud, but the credit card company will
make that determination. What they will do almost immediately is reverse or
return the funds to your account.

I would also file a report with Ebay and apply for their "Buyer Protection
Insurance". Ebay will investigate the allegation and pay you if they
determine that your report is correct.

This might seem like a lot of work, but the reason you need to do it is
simple. You will be puuting pressure on the seller from many sources, all of
them with "legal" ability. PayPal, Ebay, and the Bank all will try to
contact the seller from many different bits of contact information that they
all have. By applying this much pressure to Mr. Simpson he will either
comply or subject himself to alot of investigations with legal consequences
from many sources. It sounds like Mr. Simpson is a little bit irresponsible
when it comes to shipping and completing a transaction. Some people have
replied that they eventually received their items, some said they did not.

And finally, though everyone on the List is sympathetic to your situation
and telling your story on the list will inform others of Mr. Simpsons
actions, YOU REALLY need to follow up with all of the site/businesses/banks
that are involved with this transaction and get the investigations going.
They are the only ones that can really help you get your item or your money

My 2 cents....

Mark Miconi
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> Hello all
> Take a look now to my feedbacks on Ebay what have
> write the liar Sampson. Well, today I write to Ebay
> and paypal. Sampson, if you have the balls and you are
> in the mailing list, give a explanation to your new
> failure. Excused the vent.
> Regards
> Matteo
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