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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:52:13 2004
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Dear Steven and List:

Steven posted:

>Put a piece of red cellophane behind the holes, shine a
>light through it, voila...instant Halloween meteorite!

Brilliant idea! Now I won't have to make a costume to scare the
neighborhood kids. Thanks for the tip : )

>Great pic by the way...what type of camera do you use? Digital?

Thank you for the kind words. I work with both digital and 35 mm film
cameras, but my current machine of choice is the excellent Nikon 880
digital, which was used to take this shot. The image was then (very
slightly) edited in Photoshop.

The 880 is, unfortunately, no longer in production. Nikon's current
comparable (or superior?) cameras are the 995 and the 5000. I have
worked with the 995 and achieved good results, but it is considerably
larger and heavier than the 880. I have not yet had an opportunity to
try out the 5000, but it looks most impressive.


Geoff N.
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