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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:52:17 2004
Message-ID: <LAW2-F117d7tQ4Mxumx00014e21_at_hotmail.com>

>Hi Dean,
>Welcome back. When you get caught up I hope you will share highlights >of
>your trip with us...
>Please visit today's Exit Smiling page. (no offense intended) You do
>import a large amount of meteorites!
>Ken Newton
Thats hilarious. I am still laughing. I am starting to get caught up but
there are still several people who are waiting for responces from me so give
me another day or two. I am trying to get ebay going again and will be doing
that for most of the rest of the day. Got delayed a day and a half dealing
with customs of four packages (Including 350 kilos of new NWAs yesterday)
that I had arranged to arrive as I returned. I should have things back to
normal in another couple of days.
As far as photos go I dont have much that would be of interest to list
members as this wasnt a meteorite hunting trip but just a vacation and an
effort to work on acquiring other things that I sell (Including among other
things seeing some indiginious indians in south america who I have pretty
much permanantly hired to make those alpaca teddy bears that I sell on ebay
regularly). Much of my time was spent in the jungle where one would never
find a meteorite - and I got a nasty pirana bite to prove it. I seem to get
bitten by a Pirana once every time that I go Pirana fishing. I do however
have a photo of the vaca muerta strewnfield for those who are interested
Becides this and a few desert photos I dont have much else of interest to
meteorite collectors unfortunately. After all, I do need a break from work
Unfortunately I never found meteorites in Vaca Muerta but I never seriously
looked either. I just wanted to go there and take a photo for my ebay
auctions and to see what the place looked like.
However, for those actually interested in seeing travel photos just change
the number 18 in the URL above from 1 to 87 to find 87 photos. These photos
I put up to show family members so dont expect things that would interest
meteorite people. They are just travel photos.
But for those of you waiting for my ebay auctions you can rest easy knowing
that I am working on getting things up and running right now again in a big
way. And if you are still waiting to get emails from me I should be able to
get back to you by tomorrow morning.

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