[meteorite-list] SALE: Extra Nice New NWA

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:52:18 2004
Message-ID: <LAW2-F10yVzLMlin57k00011c93_at_hotmail.com>

I was going through my new shipment yesterday and found a bag with 41 of
what are among the nicest black meteorites that you will ever see.
See here:
These are really cool and just the photos are worth your while looking at my
webpage even if you dont want to buy any - although be warned that you can
easily fall in love with the rocks on this page which might make you want to
mortgage the farm to buy one. Fortunately, as usual, my price is low.
I have these priced on my website (Or will shortly anyway) for 60 cents a
gram which is easily a steal. You will have a hard time in Denver or Tucson
finding something this nice for double my price.
But only 48 cents a gram to list members who order today. Paypal is best for
The Meteorite shop
You dont have to go to NASA to get a Rock from outer space. Or even from the
Planet Mars or the Moon. You just have to visit the Meteorite Shop.

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