[meteorite-list] Question about Meteorites on the Moon

From: Tracy Latimer <tracyl_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:52:22 2004
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Sounds like you covered most of the bases with your explanations to
Christopher -- I don't see any that I would substantially alter.

Survivability of a meteorite on the Moon's surface once it hits would
depend on: size of the object, type of terrain it hit (a big dust pool
vs. solid rock vs. gravel vs....) type of meteorite (a stony or
iron-nickel would probably survive sheer mechanical impact better than one
of the more fragile CC types like Tagish Lake), speed at which it hit,
etc. etc. For the record, in my little Meteorites From A to Z I have
found a couple of lunar meteorites that apparently were recovered from the
Moon itself, as they have find locations like Bench Crater (Oceanus
Procellarum, Moon)!!! Here's another can o' worms; I may have to retract
what I said earlier about CCs not surviving as well, since that one is a
CM type. Or maybe, with no atmosphere to give the characteristic fusion
crust, a CC sticks out better than a stony, which may just look like
another Moon rock <g>.

Anyone? Anyone??

My 2 lunar g,
Tracy Latimer
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