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Meteorite booms over western Qld
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
June 2, 2002

Science has come to the rescue after bright lights in the sky
and a sonic boom caused a stir in western Queensland, with
researchers declaring the invasion came not from little
green men but a large meteorite.

Over the past few days speculation has been rife about what
caused the widely-seen phenomenon that was reported by
people across a 400 kilometre section of Queensland's west.

Observatory research officer Vince Forde says what they
witnessed was the breaking up of a large, rocky meteorite -
something that is usually only spotted by two or three people
at a time.

"In the city people would have gone mad because they'd have
no idea what they're looking at," he said.

"They'd be screaming flying saucers... you know little green
men, whatever... I think the reason you guys are far more
accurate reporters is because they see the sky at night, people
who live in the centre of cities, of course, you can't see the
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