[meteorite-list] Ebay Fraud Drama!

From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:30 2004
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Powers that be,
        I would like to suggest the person who screwed Jeannie NOT be
allowed to join the IMCA.
TMS/TNS/HRC wrote:
> Hello list!
> Well, the drama continues.  I filed a Fraud Complaint with Ebay
> yesterday regarding the "Canyon Diablo Meteorite" which as you all
> know by now, turned out to be iron shale. I have received two
> responses from Judith McCabe/Colin  also known as pahanaswife,
> bubbamisen, and currently j.c.z.inc. on Ebay.  The first was a
> response to Ebay which was forwarded to me through their system: 
> >Comment Added: Buyer contacted me after 2 months for refund. Item
> sold was
> indeed meteorite as listed in the meteoritic encyclopedia 5th issue. I
> am contacting my lawer to consider proceedings for the fraud
> allegation.
> Slander is another word for it.
> As I mentioned before in my communication to the list, I contacted the
> seller the day after I received the product in the mail, received a
> nasty reply and my subsequent attempts to contact them were ignored.
> The second comment I received was an email to me directly which I
> received this afternoon.
> Hi
>  My lawer has advised me to start legal proceedings against you for
> the fraud allegation.Which i am very seriously considering. Under
> section 25 of the slanderous comments act( which comes under federal
> law) i have the right because the fraud complaint is a false statement
> and slanderous against my being and integrity. I therefore am
> considering a class action lawsuit against you because of this.
>  The material sent to you was as discribed in the auction . There was
> not a mention that it was nickel iron. Furthermore in your own words
> you have admitted selling this material for 10 years. Which under
> federal law is illegal under the ireplacable resourse act.
>  I have many paths open to me towards a lawsuit. one being my geology
> degree and my expirience in the field of astrogeology. But not to beat
> around the bush i will sue you for every penny you have.
>                                               Have a wonderful day
>                                                        colin
> So, it seems that something finally woke them up!  :)  
> I find it interesting that one of the comments in the email mentioned
> that there was nothing that said the material was nickel iron.  So,
> this confirms my previous suspicion that this person knows exactly
> what they are selling , and is deliberately misrepresenting it as
> Canyon Diablo meteorite to get a higher price at auction than what it
> is actually worth.  This one is definitely a "rotton apple". 
> Just wanted to pass on the latest news to you all, since I promised to
> keep everyone informed about what was going on!
> Warm regards to you all,
> Jeannie
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