[meteorite-list] Chondrites With The Widmannstatten Pattern

From: Mark Fox <unclefireballmtf_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:34 2004
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June 17, 2002

Greetings Meteorite Enthusiasts!

It is simply mind-boggling with all the information
that I have been able to glean from the NASA Ads
Abstracts library In reference to Portales Valley! I
have so many questions to ask too!

Nevertheless, for right now I would just like to ask
one question in regards to the paper entitled:
"Widmannstatten Texture In The Portales Valley
Meteorite: Slow (But Not Unusually Slow) Cooling At
Low Temperatures."

The authors made a statement that seemed to imply (at
least to me) that there were other chondrites with
Widmannstatten patterns. The question is simply "Is

Long strewn fields!

Mark Fox
Newaygo, MI USA


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