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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:34 2004
Message-ID: <LAW2-F89dcVnrPTO1Bc000176af_at_hotmail.com>

Its been a bit dry on the thin sections for me lately but I finally have
some new ones now that should be exciting. These are all probe quality thin
sections and I think the best quality on the market. In 3 weeks I will be
going travelling for several months but when I return I plan on starting to
sell covered thin sections instead of the ones that I normally sell. I have
seen other dealers sell the covered ones and they seem to be going for
roughly the same price as mine and since the covered ones are much cheaper
to make I plan on selling the cheaper covered ones in the future as it
appears that most buyers dont care about the higher quality - not enough to
drive up the price on ebay anyway. However, these offered here are all probe
quality and could be used to calssify a meteorite should one wish to do
that. All that would be needed is to carbon coat them and put them in the
microprobe. Here is what i have right now:
The Moroccan CR2 - $65 Each
Ureilites. $120 each
This is my new meteorite that I have listed on this page
I have been waiting weeks for a NWA name for this meteorite but I am not
sure how to get NWA names anymore. I havent been able to get any names for
two months now but this one should have a provisional name soon and I have
an arrangement made to get this classified so it should be classified by
late summer i hope. - $95 each
Bensour. The two on the left are $70 and the one on the bottom right is $45.
The Zagami is $275 (And my thin section maker says that he wont make more
zagami because it is to hard to make (Actually he used some significantly
more explicit words that would get me kicked of the list if I repeated them
so I wont tell you exactly what he said about making the zagami - but rest
assured he is not wild to start on another one)
My E3. My photo never came out so well but these thin sections are stunning.
$125 each. If you want a nice thin section, NWA305 is among the best that
you will find.
The top bilanga is $45 and the bottom one $75. The rare CO3s are $135 each.
Esquel. $175. This is just stunning under polorized light. If it dont sell I
will put this one on ebay this weekend with a polorized photo. If enough
people are interested I might be enticed to make one for the list anyway -
10% discount for orders made today. Paypal preferred form of payment but
other metheods might work to.
I am trying to raise travel money right now as I am going travelling for 4
months soon so if you see anything on my website of interest maybe we can
make a deal. I have lots of unsorted NWAs and NWA869 at $200 a kilo.
You dont have to go to NASA to get a Rock from outer space. Or even from the
Planet Mars or the Moon. You just have to visit the Meteorite Shop.

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