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From: Matteo Chinellato <mcomemeteorite2000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:34 2004
Message-ID: <20020619125246.2230.qmail_at_web10302.mail.yahoo.com>

Hello all

I have put some ebay auctions on ebay, acapulcoite and
a new NWA and others, for see go here:


I have update my collection site, take a look to my
new Brahin slice with Widmanstatten patterns buy from
my friend Sergej of the Comet Shop come here in Venice
for go to Ensisheim, is very nice!

Many have ask to me the list of the pieces of NWA 1058
acapulcoite, I put here the complete list:

slice gr.0.5 $125 sold
slice gr.0.6 $150 on hold
end piece gr.0.6 $150
slice gr.0.7 $175
slice gr.0.8 $200
slice gr.0.9 $225
slice gr.0.9 $225
slice gr.0.9 $225 sold
slice gr.1.1 $275 sold
slice gr.1.3 $325 on ebay
slice gr.1.4 $350 sold
slice gr.1.8 $450
slice gr.1.8 $450
slice gr.2.4 $600
slice gr.2.7 $675 on ebay
slice gr.2.8 $700
slice gr.3 $750
slice gr.3.1 $775
slice gr.3.2 $800
slice gr.3.2 $800
slice gr.3.2 $800
slice gr.3.3 $825
slice gr.3.3 $825
slice gr.3.5 $875
end piece gr.4.5 $1125
slice gr.6.9 $1725
slice gr.12.5 $2500 on hold
slice gr.12.5 $2500 on hold

I accept half trade and half money for pieces over 3



M come Meteorite - Matteo Chinellato
Via Triestina 126/A - 30030 - TESSERA, VENEZIA, ITALY
Email: mcomemeteorite2000_at_yahoo.it
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