[meteorite-list] Is that all there is, my friends?

From: Fred Olsen <debfred_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:34 2004
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Vienna may have more Canyon City, California although none is listed in the
catalogue, so that could add a minor 8.7 grams. Total Known weight listed
in Catalogue is 8,600 grams and weight of specimens in museum collections is
7,738 grams. That leaves 862 grams wandering the earth.

Vienna may have some Canon City, Colorado although the only amount ( 8.7
grams) listed in the Catalogue matches the obviously erroneous label on the
iron (not H6) specimen on display. I will leave it them to sort it out.
Regards, Fred Olsen
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> Fred, Bernd and fellow m-listers:
> It's always great to read other's adventures-tinged-in-meteorites and any
> adventure lubricated with cheap, but quality beer, is even better. Good
> report, Fred.
> Fred mentions finding some interesting going-ons at the Vienna Museum,
> particularly regarding a possible TKW (total known weight) of Canyon City
> IIIAB Iron.
> Without knowing what Fred saw or what the label for the specimen indicated
> if he even questioned Gero himself, what's on public display may or may
> be the museum's entire holdings of a specimen. There could be a lot more
> the back rooms of the Museum in boxes, sealed w/dissicate envelopes, or
> sitting around on tables like a bunch of card-playing dogs.
> So let's keep dancin',
> Kevin Kichinka
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