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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:35 2004
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Hi Tracy,

Don't forget about the olivine (peridot) in pallasites! I know that
somewhere, someone has faceted small peridots from the Esquel but I can't
remember who off the top of my head. Also there are many beautiful faceted

As for maw-sit-sit, it is a rock composed primarily of kosmochlor (ureyite)
with varying combinations and amounts of amphibole group minerals, chlorite
group minerals, and feldspar, as well as other minerals. Chemical
composition varies with mineral content. It is opaque, saturated green with
dark green to black veining or mottling. The black spots are kosmochlor

Jeanne Devon
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Subject: [meteorite-list] Green meteorites

>I've recently started branching out from meteorites (to the alarm of my
>husband!) to semi-precious gemstones. I prefer the obscure ones, and
>thought I'd found a winner when I came across "mawsitsit", a
>chromium-rich relative of jade from Burma. The advertising copy on the
>website says that the mineral components of mawsitsit are found in some
>meteorites and also goes by the trade name of "Kosmochlor". Has anyone
>ever heard of this? I don't doubt that traces of the mineral might occur
>in meteorites, but not in useable quantities, i.e, make gems out of
>it. The only "green" meteorites I know of are Tatahouine and Bluff (b),
>and of course everyone's favorite, the "emerald" meteorite!
>Chemical composition of the stone is NaCrSi2O6 (Ureyite) and NaAlSi3O8
>(Albite) mixed together. The ureyite is what is supposed to be in
>meteorites, as a very dark green, almost black, mineral. Hmmm...
>Tracy Latimer
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