[meteorite-list] Cellspacing

From: Edward Hodges <holyfireballs_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:35 2004
Message-ID: <F101FvpOPncAwq0s8h700005ff8_at_hotmail.com>

Dave- I've got a hotmail account so I can stay in the loop at work, or
wherever I happen to be, and an outlook address at home. I only received
this message at my hotmail address, which struck me as odd. There have been
some weird email viruses sending themselves all over lately, and people on
the list know what I mean. Your email contained no message, odd fact #2. I
didn't get any virus warning, and here at work we have nearly government
standards on our computer security. That doesn't mean there isn't one
though, because as you know you must keep updating your software to keep up.
Also, I guess you didn't notice that I didn't send you that email and cc:
the list, I only sent it to you. Since you've involved the list, I feel like
I need to explain.Besides the fact that this email conversation isn't about
meteorites and is a violation of list policy. Anyway, I felt it was the
responsible thing to do, that is send an email to find out what the deal
with the weird phantom email was. Please check your sent messages to see
what went wrong. Sorry to those folks on the list who are interested in real
meteorite conversation. The point here is: If you get an odd email, please
send the sender of said email a note and ask if they know about said email.
If they don't then you may be able to stop a virus before it spreads past
your own system. I am not accusing anyone of anything, just looking out for
the best interest of my own system, and the systems of others in my address
book, which by the way includes everyone on the list. Again, sorry for the
long email, but it certainly is an important topic. No disrespect meant, If
you say it was an accident I'll have to believe you. -Edward

>From: "Dave Harris" <entropydave_at_ic24.net>
>To: "Edward Hodges" <holyfireballs_at_hotmail.com>,"metlist"
>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Cellspacing
>Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 17:42:01 +0100
>Hi there!
>It is not impossible I sent a blank message! Just replaced my PC yesterday
>and have had some real problems before due to a faulty motherboard.
>Fortunately my PC is scanned with an up-to-date virus checker at 0400 each
>day so I can confidentially say that I do not have a virus or ay such
>on my PC.
>Certainly the subject line is unfamiliar, and we have all at some time been
>getting emails from other Metlist members which are virussed but not sent
>No one else has reported the like to me?
>Did your virus checker kick in when this email was received?
>very best
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>To: <entropydave_at_ic24.net>
>Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 5:30 PM
>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Cellspacing
> > Did you send this empty message, or is your computer distributing a
> > everyone in your address book?
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> > >From: entropydave <entropydave_at_ic24.net>
> > >To: meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com
> > >Subject: [meteorite-list] Cellspacing
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