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From: Matteo Chinellato <mcomemeteorite2000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:36 2004
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Saint words.....Ebay is only a zone where buy
meteorites for low prices - yes few meteorites have
high prices but surely no go sold or in rare case go
sold - and no a zone for see the market prices. Yes,
for the persons want ruin the prices, Ebay is a good
site where put meteorites start $0.01 and this persons
is happy if take a $1 in a piece- NWA or Ensisheim
that they are -,but for the real dealers is only a
zone where the meteorites go to the ruin. I buy from
Ebay, but I no re-sale on ebay the piece win few days
ago, I sale in the market and stop. To the maximum I
sale the pieces on Ebay.it


--- Michael Farmer <farmerm_at_concentric.net> wrote:
> I must say that I have seen this coming for some
> years now. I was about the first meteorite dealer on
> ebay, that was in mid 1996 when ebay was less than
> one year old! There were always about 5 items of
> meteorites on there, ALWAYS mine with the occasional
> Canyon Diablo some mineral dealer would list. I
> used to get beyond top dollar there, then slowly the
> meteorite people noticed and began the flood. It
> went well for several more years, until about 2000,
> when everyone who owned a meteorite called
> themselves a "dealer" and began selling. Many people
> bought from me on ebay, then 4 days later I saw the
> same meteorite on ebay again.
> People tend to destroy all good things, as it
> mostly is with ebay now. Flooded with some many
> meteorites, mostly duplicates by the same people who
> seem to have little common since about how auctions
> actually work. I don't even bother looking through
> the auctions any more. Too many items, too many
> sikhote-alins, Bessy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
> Thursday etc, you get the point.
> I use ebay like I always have, selling the lower
> end stuff, small pieces, to get new customers. It
> still works well, but the prices there are in the
> toilet. My website makes my money, ebay gets me
> customers. For those out there now who thought that
> by selling on ebay they would get rich, well, good
> luck.
> Now, it seems that Mr. Warren among others just
> keep spouting that prices on ebay reflect the
> market. Well, they don't know the market. Ebay is
> for the most part, a discount clearing house for low
> quality or small pieces. Not to say bad stuff, but
> it is my low quality stuff that goes on there, my
> good stuff goes on my website with prices that fit
> the merchandise. If you want quality you pay for it.
> As with all auctions, ebay has great bargains, even
> in meteorites, sometimes the buyer gets really
> lucky. It never happened until the sheer glut of
> meteorites on ebay was so much that there is simply
> too many to look through.
> Ebay is NOT the meteorite market, anyone who thinks
> so needs to get a different job, you aren't doing
> too well in this one..........
> Mike farmer

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