[meteorite-list] Impact crater field in central Italy (English)

From: Piper R.W. Hollier <piper_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:36 2004
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Hello Matteo and list,

There is a two-page article "The Discovery of a Probably Well-Preserved=20
Impact Crater Field in Central Italy" by J. Orm=F6 et al. in the proceedings=
of the 33rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2002). The article is=20
available online at the website of the LPI:

http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2002/pdf/1075.pdf (PDF document, 369=

The article includes a map of the topography of the crater field, a nice=20
color photo of the main crater (140 x 115 meters), and a diagram of=20
magnetic anomalies at the crater field.

The authors have this to say about the largest crater: "This crater=20
represents a rare example of well-preserved, small explosion craters from=20
impacts into unconsolidated target materials."

The topography of this crater is different from that of most small impact=20
craters: "A shallow moat outside the western part of the rim, and=20
compressed sediments in one drill core, give further indications for a=20
downwarping of strata at the rim rather than the uplift that could be=20
expected. Downwarped and compressed strata have been noticed at=20
experimental TNT explosion craters in loose sediments, as well as at the=20
impact craters formed in loess at Campo del Cielo, Argentina. This=20
circumstance indicates that the Sirente crater field can serve as a=20
well-preserved example for cratering mechanics studies of small craters=20
formed in loose sediments."

Best wishes to all,

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