[meteorite-list] Asteroid Color Clans

From: Bernd Pauli HD <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:13 2004
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> Hi Bernd and all,

Hi AL and List,

> HED type meteorites probably sample...asteroid Vesta
> H type meteorites probably sample .... asteroid Hebe
> L4 type meteorites may sample .......... asteroid Eros
> CM2 type meteorites may sample ................. Ceres
> Aubrites may sample asteroid 3103 ......... (44 Nysa)
> M type asteroids (as asteroid Psyche) some of the iron meteorites types
> A type asteroids (as asteroid Asporina) pallasite meteorite types

> and of course we have the lunar
> (is there a classification category yet?)

There is LUN-A => lunar highland breccias (DaG 262, NWA 482)
There is LUN-B => lunar mare basalt (NWA 032, Dho 287)

> and Mars (SNC's) meteorites

> Can anyone add other links (weak or otherwise?) I know
> there is a link to the L6's but can't find that right now.

O.R. Norton CEM, p. 253, Fig. 11.10:

"Comparison of reflection spectra of the CR2 chondrite, Renazzo
(solid curve), and the main belt asteroid 2 Pallas (open circles).
The match is almost perfect ..."


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