[meteorite-list] [Analysis Report]rarest meteorite ever

From: Mike Reynolds <agelessness_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:14 2004
Message-ID: <F132BOh8s4KWiGtXsL100000049_at_hotmail.com>

meteorite-list] [Analysis Report]rarest meteorite ever
I believe I've seen this before. Within the past 2-3 years someone from
Florida (no less) started selling it at mineral shows. I think it was shards
dislodged from the smoke stack scrubber of a powerplant/incinerator etc.
It is likely one of the FeS minerals-- not pyrite perhaps Markasite(sp)
could have arsenic and /or zinc.

It looks more like arsenopyrite.
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