[meteorite-list] Feldspar minerals in the inclusions in earthly/lunar basalts

From: (wrong string) ørn Sørheim <bsoerhei_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:14 2004
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Hello list,

Finding an extrusive volcanic(e.g. basaltic) stone in a volcanic field on
our planet, certainly gives no hint to think it came from the Moon or
Mars or elsewhere in the solar system.

A bit otherwise when you find such a stone say ~500 km from nearest
volcanic field.
In the northern part of Europe(where I live) there of course has been
ice-ages which redistributed stones by the movement of glaciers, but
still the possibillity that it could be a meteorite is not entirely out
of the question.
The specimen I am looking at is also peppered with tiny holes, about 2mm and

But the question I have is concerning the feldspar inclusions.
I wonder what span in %-values there is of Albite(Na) vs. Anorthite(Ca)
in the plagioclase of these inclusions in the lunar basalts compared to earthly
On the practical side (testing) - would a lunar basaltic feldspar
inclusion fizzle in (cold) hydrocloric acid (HCl)?
Would a (Vesta) eucrite inclusion have the same values as its lunar

Bjørn Sørheim
Received on Fri 08 Nov 2002 11:22:40 AM PST

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