[meteorite-list] the leonids from Central Illinois

From: dbomke_at_fgi.net <dbomke_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:16 2004
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I also did the early alarm thing, getting up at 4 am CST. The temperature was
around freezing, but with not a cloud in the sky. The show started slowly,
with one every few minutes. By 4:30, the rate had picked up to several a
minute and peaked around 4:45 when 15+ per minute were visible. There were
several instances when 2-4 were "shooting" at once. Most were relatively
faint, but a few left nice trails across the sky. If it wasn't for the
suprising amount of traffic going by at that time of morning and the very
bright moon, the numbers would have probably been higher.

All in all, not a bad reason to get up early and lay out in the cold.

Dennis Bomke
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