[meteorite-list] Re:Hypersonic wind tunnel testing?

From: Elton Jones <jonee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:16:35 2004
Message-ID: <3F48FA0A.6070401_at_epix.net>

I am aware of three remotely related stories.

1. A test was conducted to replicate features on a tektite-- forming a
tektite-like button in a blow torch stream. This resulted in a flange,
not unlike the australites.

2. Nininger noted that from the Esterville fall there were several
oriented "shuttlecock" shaped projectiles which he surmised was an ideal
nose cone shape for aerodynamic stability. It was reported that he
repeatedly submitted this to NASA who repeatedly ignored him. After
extensive testing involving high time and cost expenses, NASA found that
in large Harvey was right. If I recall correctly several rockets
including the Thor carried that stubby nose cone design.

3. About 3 years ago, a (European?) return package from orbit had 3-4
sample minerals embedded in the surface exposed to full re-entry
heating. One of which was dolomite which would perhaps represent an
"Earth Meteorite". Unfortunately that sample did not stay attached to
the capsule.

Obligatory ramblings--> Speaking of testing..... As to getting a test
done, you flatter Ron and Bob. Unlike TV and Hollywood, rarely are
tests done willy-nilly in the catagory of "to see what happens". There
has to be a reason, a need, a scientific payoff, a researcher, facility
time, a saftey report, yada yada yada and not least-- a budget. (See
number 2 above) Is isn't anything like Hollywood where , 3 key strokes
on a IBM PC will answer the most inane question a character could think
request , such as search a world database of one-eye'd, left handed,
chess players making the top 10 suspects appear.( One the other hand if
you have a Macintosh and the brain power of this list..anything might be


Tom aka James Knudson wrote:

>Hello List, I was wondering if anyone has done hypersonic wind tunnel
>testing on orientated meteorites?
Received on Sun 24 Aug 2003 01:46:50 PM PDT

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