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From: almitt <almitt_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:16:36 2004
Message-ID: <3F4C06DF.A838BCC3_at_kconline.com>

Hi Larry,

Sensible post. I myself could do without list commercials or the petty arguments and
name calling we have sometimes but just as in the real world, the list is not perfect.
If every dealer that is a list member posted one or two ads a week we would soon be
over run with ads and little discussion of meteorites like this list is suppose to be
for. It would be hard to find the meat of the messages rather than all the goop that
would be surrounding the true discussion.

I didn't post list ads for a long time but since my competitors did, I decided to
follow suite. When someone has something interesting then it is good to see an
announcement about what they have to offer and I have no problem with that at all. If
we all limited ourselves to these posts and go for quality ad posts rather than
quantity then perhaps it would save some bandwidth. I can't believe that people like
to sort through all the garbage surrounding the real messages.

No where in the list rules does it say we can't have ads but rather it says to post no
major ads to the list which we do have all the time. I have included the list rules at
the end of this message (which is off topic as well) and perhaps we all need to
re-read them from time to time before posting. The list can be what ever we want it to
be. Argument Central, Meteorite Sales List, General Off Topic Discussion and or
Meteorite Discussion. It can be known as a friendly list where people will post
questions and not be afraid of attack (nothing wrong with spirited debate as long as
it is done with respect) or a list where people are thumping their chests trying to
make the most noise.

Meteorite collecting is a hobby and as such should be fun. That is what hobbies are
for to be fun. A number of people have been turned off by some of the petty arguments
that go on here. Some have even got out of collecting. No one dealer can be everything
to everybody on the list. Rather I like to look at the players as all having special
features and something to offer in different ways. It is the total of all of us here
that makes it a special place. Why not strive to make the list better with each and
every post. All my best!


                     General List Policies

                     1.Posts need to relate -in some way- to meteorites
                     2.Be courteous and professional at all times
                     3.Do not post -private messages- or -PERSONAL ATTACKS- to the
                     4.Please include the 'subject' of the post in the subject box
                     5.Send emails in text format, not -HTML-
                     6.Do not send emails with -file attachments- to the list -
include a file link
                     7.Make sure you can back up statements with -facts and
                     8.Do not post -major advertisement- emails to the list - include
a 'sale' link
                     9.If you are posting a URL for a sale, include 'SALE' in the
subject box
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