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From: Robert Verish <bolidechaser_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:16:37 2004
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Hi everyone,

I am getting reports in from people across the
midlands part of Ireland of an extremely bright
fireball seen between 23:15 and 23:30 BST -
BST (22:15-22:30UT) on 2003 August 27.

As you'll see from the date,
it's the night when many people were out during public
observing sessions to spy Mars through a telescope.

As you do, I was indoors at the time! A few of us
travelled from Dublin to a friend's observatory
outside Mullingar in the Midlands
where he was hosting a large crowd.

Many of them witnessed the fireball and about 10
minutes later a colleague received a call from his
niece in Ennis in Co. Clare who had also seen the
object. She is an amateur astronomer herself has
has supplied a very good report. The local radio
station there was flooded with calls and she is due to
be interviewed tomorrow possibly. I have forwarded a
basic list of data that should be collected from
witnesses and this call for observations will be read
out on air.

The Ennis reports are interesting in that as well as
the fireball been seen, a bright flash was noted after
the object disappeared over the observer's horizon.

Another report also came from an experienced observer
in Kilkenny, again near the Midlands. He also reported
associated sounds a few seconds after the fireball.

Aany help in determining if this is a genuine fall is
much appreciated.

If you see this post Brian maybe you might give me a
call. My work number is
01-269 8311 or on the mobile
(086) 81 81 931.
My home e-mail is skynotes_at_eircom.net .


John Flannery

South Dublin Astronomical Society

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