[meteorite-list] SAD: eBay Bidders TAKE ACTION YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!!!

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:24 2004
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Dear List,

  While the STS-107 crew represented the best of humanity, this tragic event
has brought out the nadir of human characteristics. They are repugnant and
worthy of all our scorn and ridicule.

  May they lose their shirts trying to propser from blood money. I hope the
decent ebayers and ebay itself stick it to them in spades.

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Hi Jamie and List,
Intererstingly, if one goes to Ebay and just put in the words: "Columbia
Shuttle" there are now hundreds of BRAND NEW auctions all list on Feb. 1,
including--one guy selling 500 "In Memorium" buttons with a pic of the
shuttle crew, another selling tee-shirts with a picture of the shuttle and
the date, 02/01/03 emblazened on the front, and quite a few selling pieces
old shuttle heat tile. Many other Columbia Shuttle auctions for coins, etc.,
pockmark Ebays bandwidth. So far they haven't been blasted by irate bidders
as mentioned. Some of the seller are making wise decisions to add that some
proceeds are going to families of this tragedy. It's a pretty sad sight.
Whats even sadder is that probably some of the people who are bidding,
probably could have cared less before today's events and are seeing this as
time to make that last minute "macabre investment".

My apologies to the list from deviating from the topic of meteorites---but
this has been a profound historical day, albeit, a very sad day.

Steven L. Sachs / IMCA # 9210

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