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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:24 2004
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In Kalpana Chawla's last words to the media, she described one of her "big
WOWs" of being an astronaut. She told about sitting next to a window of the
space shuttle while looking down at our wonderful blue planet and it's swirling
firmament of clouds. Refocusing, she then saw her own reflection in the
shuttle window. Refocusing again, she saw the reflection of the earth in her
own eyes. "This," she said, " was definitely a big WOW."
Now, I've chosen to post this message to this list for various reasons.
Firstly, I believe that the membership of our meteorite list is comprised of an
extremely select group of highly intelligent human beings. Your common
interest in meteorites, vessels of information about our existence; about,
perhaps, the very creation of the entire universe,... is an omen of a deeper
appreciation and reverent respect for that which is greater than us all. (I
don't even begin to comprehend it.) There is, however, a feeling I get about
space, the stars, the planets, meteorites, and US...that sets my mind spinning
as would the needle of a compass in a void.
The beautiful dark eyes of Kalpana no longer exist, but I can't help believing
that the memory of her "big WOW" is somehow remembered in a plane of existence
beyond my comprehension. Yet I continue to try to understand, and as I do, a
feeling for humanity floods over me which I can only describe as....love. Rand
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