[meteorite-list] The Wreck of the Columbia

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:25 2004
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Well said mark and I am very sorry for your loss.

All the Best,
Greg Redfern
2003 NASA Solar System Ambassador
IMCA #5781

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February 3, 2003

Greetings Meteorite Enthusiasts!

It looks like I received a lot of responses to my last
post, which I felt I should reply to. Please, before
I continue, I do "not" wish to be the seed for any
arguments or loud discussions. I only wish the best
for all of you, and this will be my last comment on
this present discussion.

Some of you took only one point and elongated it
quite dramatically. It seems now, after reading
everything, that my thoughts are painted in the wrong
colors, partly due to the previous reason, and partly
due to some poor wording on my part.

I did not definitely say or mean we should not ever
continue space travel. I think we should concentrate
more on unmanned space probes rather than manned
It was a very sad event, indeed, that seven astronauts
met such sudden deaths, leaving behind their families
who sorely miss them. That sole reason was behind my
original e-mail.

In July of 1999, I too, had a tremendous loss. My
loving mother went to heaven. It was a totally painful
and grievous time, which even now is sad. She did die
doing what she loved doing. She died loving all of
us, my father, brothers and sisters, and my whole
family. She wanted to be the best mom she could be,
and as a result, became quite clearly a model of
virtue. The loss of the astronauts brings the sadness
up again.

Once again, please do not let any of this start a
fight. I do not want to be rude to anyone. What's
more, I am sorry if I did not cover every point that
someone else has made regarding my original post.

Long strewn fields!

Mark Fox
Newaygo, MI USA

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