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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:25 2004
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Hi! This is Rand. I've posted a few messages, but mostly, I've been reading
your posts and visiting your sites. I'm far from being any kind of expert,
so....May I be your student? I'd like to ask some questions, and would greatly
appreciate any replies. O.K.? So...I really like getting out to prospect for
meteorites. I have a Goldbug II detector, which I really like, and a very
strong magnet connected to a beaded chain. I dangle it over stones as I walk,
and see what sticks. Recently I passed my magnet over a few stones strewn over
the ground and picked up a black, heavy little thing about 1.5" in diameter
and .5" thick. It stuck to my magnet as though it were pure iron, yet there
seemed to be nothing ferrous about it. I brought it home and examined it with
my jeweler's glass, and discovered that it had little white balls in it.
Carbonaceous chondrite?....I don't know. I sawed off a piece which I sent to
the University of New Mexico Meteoritic center. I haven't received the results
of the PIXE test yet. My question is this: Why did this little black stone
stick to my magnet? It had no rust on it and frankly, didn't look like a
meteorite. If it isn't a meteorite, what could it contain to stick so readily
to my magnet? Rand Kluge
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