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Congratulations Geoff,
 You made it to the La Fuente Good People website. Keep up the good work and
I enjoyed your birthday party. - Carl www.lafuenterestaurant.com/who.htm
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Dear Listees:

I returned home a few days ago, after ten most enjoyable days at the Tucson
show. This was my sixth show, and my favorite so far. The weather was a
little on the chilly side this year, but the 24 cases of wine supplied by
Mike Martinez flowed freely and kept the meteorite community warm and in
good spirits.

As usual, I was rarely separated from my trusty Nikon, and I've put together
an extensive photo gallery which is now ready for your viewing pleasure:


My co-host, "Arkansas" Steve Arnold of I.M.B, and I would like to extend our
sincere thanks to everyone who joined us for the Fourth Annual Meteor Mayhem
Birthday Bash and Harvey Awards dinner on February 7, at La Fuente. It was
our biggest and best party yet, with over 120 guests in attendance and
standing room only at the bar!

Congratulations are in order for the recipients of the 2003 Harvey Awards
for outstanding achievement in the field of meteorite collecting. This
year's winners were:

- Professor Jim Kriegh, discoverer of the Gold Basin strewn field, received
the "Most Gentlemanly Meteorite Hunter" award

- Meteorite scholar David Weir received a well-deserved award for his superb
Meteorite Studies reference website

- Steve Schoner was awarded the "Tough As They Come" award for lifetime
achievement in the field. Steve is convalescing after a serious illness and
his award was graciously accepted by Steve's friend Darryl Pitt. Darryl and
the mighty Bob Haag both spoke of Steve's many achievements. We all wish him
a complete and rapid recovery.

- Dorothy Norton and O. Richard Norton received the New Writing and Research
Award for their wonderful books, "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites,"
and "Rocks from Space"

- Greg and Adam Hupé took home the "Best New Discovery" award for their
recovery of NWA 1195 and other rare planetary material

- The lovely Iris Lang received the "Longest-Suffering Meteorite Wife"
award, amid some very tough competition : )

A seventh Harvey Award was auctioned off at the end of the presentations
(since the Harvey Awards Committee unanimously agreed that the one thing
really missing from this year's Tucson show was a meteorite auction). The
winning bidder was Mark Bostick. All proceeds from the auction were
immediately used to purchase cocktails for the other winners.

The 2003 awards consist of a polished glass cube with a small, complete
Toluca iron (in honor of Harvey Nininger's Mexican expedition) affixed to
the top. Each award was accompanied by an individual, signed certificate.
Steve and I also presented certificates to last year's winners, as we didn't
get around to actually making certificates last year. (Art and Kevin, we'll
get yours to you).

As always, it was a great pleasure to see so many friends and enthusiasts
from around the world, and to attend the parties, auctions, and other social
events. I eagerly await the new documentary about the show, which is being
produced by John Gwilliam and Bob Holmes. Steve and I were very pleased to
be able to participate in this film project.

Just like James Bond . . . the Meteor Mayhem Birthday Bash will return in
2004! As always, the judges are open to bribes, corporate kickbacks, and
will consider trades for nice fully-crusted stones : )

Regards to all,

Geoff Notkin

p.s. Extra special congrats to List member Dave Freeman for his first-ever
meteorite find!

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