[meteorite-list] Forwarded letter - possible meteorite.

From: Robert & Wendi Beauford <wendirob_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:28 2004
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A nice fellow sent me this by email today. I'm sure there is someone on the
list that follows up on this sort of thing, and possibly someone that lives
in his area. I'm forwarding the letter in the hopes that someone can give
him the help he requests.
-Robert B.

First off, I apologize for asking an off-subject question through your Ebay
account. I tried finding some contact info on your home site but I could
not find one. (Very distracting, by the way. I wanted to look for a minute
but ended up reading almost everything you had!)

Anyway, my son found a rock in front of my In-Law's home in CT last year.
It was just a day or two after the big news story about large falling stars
all over the north-east. (We even saw some in our area in Maryland that
week.) Since these were not part of the normal Leonids or Pleonids, they
were an unusual treat.

Okay, this will sound a little hard to believe, but please bear with me,
it's true! While we were visiting, the local news told everyone to be on
the lookout for space debris, and my son took them seriously. He quickly
went out into the front yard and began looking. About 45 minutes later, he
showed up with something. At first, I didn't take it seriously, because the
material wasn't like much of anything I expected.

As you mention on your site, most metoers have a high amount of iron. This
doesn't seem to, but does have metallic specs under the surface in a small
area we filed down.

Also, half of the object is black, as though it was burned.

My only concern is the location it was found in. Although it was laying
neatly on top of a lawn that was cut just the day before we arrived, the
home is in an historic area that dates back 300 years. My point is, I don't
really know what furnace slag looks like, but there's a definate possibility
that's what this is.

Here's the BIG favor: If I could email you some phtos, would you be able to
give me a very basic idea of whether or not this rock could be a genuine

Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
for your time!

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