[meteorite-list] possible luner breccia with crust

From: M come Meteorite Meteorites <mcomemeteorite2000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:28 2004
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--- M Yousef <diamondmeteor_at_hotmail.com> wrote:
> Dear List;
> I cut today one of the nice rocks I collected
> earlier. It is really one of
> the best pieces I found during my holiday (must be
> luner breccia with a very
> nice white/green clasts and black crust):

Wow immediatly confirmed is lunar, a record.

> http://www.alifyaa.com/meteorite/pl12/index.html
> By the way: I sent many samples to some labs arround
> the world; all initial
> test showed that many samples are luner!

Please write in what Institutes you have sent the
pieces, I send the same my tons of pieces find here
and I WANT the confirm is lunars meteorites, with a
document of the Meteoritical Society, the Nom Com

I hope that
> I will be able to
> announce the official results soon.
> Sincerely
> Mohamed H. Yousef

Is the same problem of the famous Boggy Creek lunar
fake, I have received this email from Mr.BCC:

OK if I send you a sample of lunar piece. I will send
a slice because I cannot send a vial of crushed
material. The sample will be a very nice size and I
can send picture of it. Can I send it to some place in
America instead of Italy. I cannot afford the postage
all the way to Europe. In exchange for the sample you
have to promise that you will remove me from your
meteorwrong list because these samples are not
meteorwrongs. You already saw the chemical analysis
reports on my web page. And I have more reports I have
not even posted. Are you going to remove me and
apologize. I want an apology too because you were

S. Ray DeRusse

Well, I have ask a piece with photos from where is cut
from the main mass - to much easy take a piece of a
real lunar meteorite and pass for a piece of Boggy
Creek - the piece, I have write when I receivec the
piece I send to my Institute in Paris or Germany for
the analysis and when I have the confirm is a real
lunar meteorite I send a copy of the analysis to
Mr.BCC. I never received a answer from Mr.BCC. Is only
a false person. Yousef why you no send a piece of your
lunar meteorites to Mr.BCC, he give to you a 100%
confirm is all lunars meteorites, but unfortunately
not the Meteoritical Society & C.


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