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From: Greg Redfern <gredfern_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:29 2004
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Hi Mark & List,

   Good job spreading the word to the next generation Mark...Bravo!!!

   My humble entry as you have had some great ones from some of the masters
in this passion of ours:

   "Meteorites are cool because they allow us to actually hold 4.5+ billion
years of solar system history in our very own hands and thereby experience
the Universe itself up close and very, very personally."

All the best (and thanks for another great contest Mark!!!)
Greg Redfern
2003 NASA Solar System Ambassador
IMCA #5781

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Hello Everybody,

I havent done a meteorite contest in a little while so, without further

Meteorite Contest #8?

The prize in this contest is a free Gao Guenie, 13.4g with 95% black crust.
Smooth on all sides but one, almost an oriented shape.

I am going to be doing a few school presentations here soon and the most
comment thing I here from kids on meteorites is "Cool!". So, with that in

The Winner of this contest will complete the following sentence.

"Meteorites Are Cool Because."

This is close to the African Meteorites are cool contest but different in
the fact that it is more broad and therefore should have quite different

E-mail your answers to the list, no limit on how many words you use, the
contest expires next Tuesday, all decisions final, and e-mail any questions.

Mark Bostick
Wichita, Kansas

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